March 19, 2009

The Two Faces Of Joe Moore

Companies pay employees and management expects certain levels of performance and production. Along with those goals are the core values of honesty and integrity since the employee is a representative of the company, i.e. management. One of the aspects that management is very conscious of, especially with the mortgage mess and AIG, are employees who don’t represent the company with honesty.

Most alderpersons still don’t comprehend who the boss really is. It’s you – the taxpayers. While the taxpayers demanded economic growth on streets like Howard, Joe was appeasing his pals by extending and supporting the blight we see. The liberals call it affordable housing while others call it the continuance of David Orr's pocket of poverty voter base - especially North of Howard. Sure, it's difficult or impossible to entice a decent business to Howard Street and we all know why.

The two faces of Joe Moore:

Moore on the Defense

Moore on the Attack

If the resident taxpayers want Aldi's then what is Moore's real problem? Why such an adverse reaction to economic growth? Didn't Aldi's contribute to get his approval? Joe, of all people, shouldn't be talking about going behind backs or over heads! If anything gets done in this ward - we have to push and shove. If Joe doesn't like you - expect to be ignored at the very least. I'll refrain from going into the aspect of the worst expectation portion.

Moore may have thought he could intimidate our local reporter Lorraine Swanson and we know Moore hates 98% of Rogers Park Bloggers save for his two online supporters. But the truth has a way surfacing and Carol Marin has Chicago watching. Marins' report was an extension of years of online documentation and no one - especially Moore - can plant a seed of doubt on Marins' integrity or honesty.

An alderman’s job is to serve and assist ALL constituents – not pick and choose like a diner at smorgasbord. And, while we’re on the topic of food…for those of you who partake in the expense of dining out, beware of all restaurants that Not Up to Snuff

The News-Star may have closed it’s doors – but we’ll say this to Lorraine:

So long – but not goodbye

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