March 16, 2009

Police Roll Call and Weekend Musings

The police will hold an outdoor roll call tonight Monday, March 16 at 7:00 PM at the intersection of Greenview and Fargo where a shooting occurred last week.

Musings on the weekend sprints and shots:

I wonder if the NOH marathon men and gunslingers are upset over their confiscated stash of cocaine from 1649 Jonquil on March 6? Chicago female(s) and Evanston female(s) were arrested – and possibly the boyfriend of one Chicago arrestee. No, it isn’t a North Point building. Yes, police entered it yesterday – but didn’t find a shooter or gun.

Is Joe Moore concerned that ALL North of Howard residents are subject this daytime lawlessness? Is he angry that bullets flew into a laundromat filled with people? Is he going to call a slumlord summit and demand that they clean house on known felons? Until he comes up with a clean-up action plan, it appears he’s created this mess known as North of Howard and left it for the residents and the police to clean up. Joe should be riding in a squad car and getting the idea of ‘wearing their shoes’.

Last May, it took him a week to respond to me about gunshots fired twice in one week on this block.

How about his pal JJ who owns 1625 Howard? Six were arrested on drug charges with 60 priors between three of them. Source

Now a naked male is allegedly stalking the halls there. Source

Is it time the neighborhood insisted that the ward clean ‘n green be aimed at slumlords? Is it time Joe actually cleaned up the mess he’s made?

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