March 28, 2009

No Moore: The True Story of the "Big Box" Ordinance

To hear Joe Moore tell it, he is Mr. Big Box. As if Moore woke up one morning with a burning passion for worker's rights - a fire since thoroughly doused as evidenced by his ongoing efforts to personally spearhead the privatization and union-busting of the staffing of our Park District field houses.

Fact is, the unions came to MOORE with the "big box" ordinance - "You will do this for us if you want to be re-elected" - and Moore made his decision on the same basis as every decision he makes - what best serves hanging on to this office until I can retire?

The first part of this portrait of Chicago's own James Thindwa of Chicago Jobs With Justice covers Thindwa's efforts on behalf of the Employee Free Choice Act, while the second half recaps the saga of Chicago's short-lived "Big Box Living Wage" ordinance.

Bill Moyers Journal

Community Organizer James Thindwa: Making a Difference

Watch the video or read the transcript. If you find any mention of Moore, please post in the comments. Thanks!

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