March 29, 2009

Message from Bernard at Beat 2424

Dear Neighbors,

The weather was awful, but tonight's "walk" was an amazing success! We took lemons (the weather) and made lemonade, to quote 24th District Commander David Sobczyk.

Instead of the our traditional walk, residents rode in Chicago and Evanston police car on a drive two blocks into Evanston circled around and drove two blocks into Chicago -- starting and finishing at Damen/Custer and Howard. Imagine the sight of over 20 police cars with lights flashing and sirens blaring, driving in formation, one after the other (think Presidential motorcade) . . . a remarkable sight. To say we attracted attention is a major under statement. We signed up new area residents as members of Network 2424 and/or Brummel Park Neighbors . . . and we also got the attention of a number of problem groups elements in our area.

I understand that many residents were kept away by the weather. . . . so a really big thanks to the nearly 30 residents (Chicago and Evanston) who braved the elements and turned out. This included the 2 beat facilitators from North of Howard and Karen Hoover, a former resident, who helped found and organize Network 2424. You just never know who will be at these walks.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next joint Chicago-Evanston walk, which won't be as dramatic, but nevertheless is just as important in sending the message that this is our neighborhood, not the drug dealer's, not the out-of-control elements! Last year, we had joint walks monthly, we will do so again this year, building up to our large Halloween patrols. This summer we will be working to get walks started south of Touhy as well.

Again, thank you to all who turned out tonight.


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