March 15, 2009

Is Coe Skipping Outta Dodge?

A couple of workers were removing metal from the vacant laundry on the Rogers side of the property this afternoon. There was a language barrier but we understood one to say the building would be demolished.

After the shootout on Paulina I noticed new signage had replaced the hideous lavender sign from Camelot Realty.

GEDC0012 GEDC0013

New West Commercial

Digging through the website eventually led to this for sale link.

Profile of 1529 Howard

So is Robert Coe getting out of Dodge? Are things cool with the zoning committee?

How about the neighborhood? One optomistic thought is Coe won't be able to blow the street up like he did on Morse. But then we still have the new age John Wayne's to deal with all summer long.

Damn this is a great neighborhood isn't it? Thanks Joe.

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