March 15, 2009

Gunplay on Paulina

Eva and I were returning from a meeting when we heard sirens, saw several flashing blue lights and followed the noise until we arrived at Paulina and Jonquil. Up the street closer to Howard, the officers had several people detained.

Howard/Paulina scene

At the Laundromat on Paulina and Jonquil we discovered not one but three bullet holes in the windows. According to an officer on the scene, the locals were on the west side of Paulina and the ‘outsiders’ were on the east side and began shooting. Several people were in the Laundromat and luckily there were no reports of anyone being hit by the new age John Waynes.

Bullet in Paulina Laundromat Bullet #2 in Window Bullet hole #3 in top of window

One young woman was standing outside the Laundromat on a cell phone telling someone to come get her. She claimed to have seen the shooter but refused to discuss it with police.

I didn’t see any news crews in the area and I was there until about 5:00 PM. As for mob action, after yesterday’s unpublicized, unauthorized NOH Marathon by the new running group – I say go for it.


bernard2424 said...

Thanks for the info Toni!

Also, sounds like a good meeting on 3/12. Our walks start on 3/28. We ought to try for a joint walk as we get closer to summer.

Kofi Bofah said...

Just floating through to see what's happening in Rogers Park.