March 21, 2009

Gov. Quinn To Cut His Salary?

Sun-Times – Michael Sneed

So, the new governor wants to raise taxes and cut his salary. Will Quinn set a precedent for hard times that certain abusers will be guilt tripped into following? Are our fearless leaders gutsy enough to be examples of real democratic teamwork?

Shave $10k from 50 alderpersons plumped up salaries and we save the taxpayers $500k, up the takeaway to $15k and the ante jumps to $750,000, to hit the $1million mark the council would have to chop off $20k per person.

But in these rocky economic times, while city council talks the talk, none are about to make any sacrifices. Lose your job or your business? Your alderperson will sympathize with you – but that’s the end of the discussion. Ours won't be shopping at Aldi's because it's on his anti-economic development plan. He won't be wearing shoes from Payless either! He does save on electric bills though - the lights are usually out.

To spend 90 minutes (Chicago Tribune) having a semi-roast of Ed Burke to celebrate 40 years could have/should have been done on their dime – not ours. If you have never attended a city council meeting, please try to do it in this lifetime.

No wonder Berny Stone sits and snoozes.

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David Tech Guy said...

I think they should lower the amount of money Obama makes. his salary ranges to high and all he does is sit around like a lazy ass. hes done nothing but mock the american office he is a joke.