March 31, 2009

Eat and Run

Apparently another brave soul (or souls) will open another fast food joint at the corner of Howard and Marshfield. Once upon a time it was Dunkin’ Donuts, then for a short time it was an African restaurant, then it became a pizza place. Remember this problem corner?

More Sidewalk Munching More Fast Food

There were complaints of kids loitering inside and outside the pizza place. The owner was there during the day but unfortunately turned it over to younger people to handle in the evening and night hours. It’s doubtful the night shift called 911 too often since threats were probably knee deep from the loiterers. Getting beaten up isn’t worth a minimum wage job to a lot of people.

So now our economic developers will open another fast food place and try it again. If Burger King is going into the mall and this Philly Beef opens, we’ll have an abundance of eat and run places. One obvious issue will be the amount of trash tossed on Howard. The most obvious problem will be the hours that both establishments are open that may provide potential hang-outs.

Again, it’s not up to the police to keep tabs on our kids 24/7. It’s a shame that people can’t take a few minutes to sit down and consume their meals instead of eating on the sidewalk.


Toni said...

A man was in the doorway tonight and I inquired about the new business. He said they hope to open next week and their closing hour will be 4:00 AM.

Any opinions?

Bosworth said...

If they attract the same clientele the pizzeria did, that corner is back to the same old problem it was in the past. Gangbangers, drug dealers and their customers, prostitutes and the thugs of the neighborhood.

The Howard Street police initiative will have their hands full all summer long.

We take one step forward and two steps backward.

loulou said...

"One obvious issue will be the amount of trash tossed on Howard."
... and Paulina, and Marshfield, and White Park, etc. etc. etc. Can we at least get our garbage cans back?

Can't say I am happy to hear they will be open until 4 AM, but I don't go anywhere near there after dark.

Toni said...

I left a message at the ward office last night. When I got home tonight - there wasn't a return call. I took a chance and dialed again and spoke to Betsy.

She stated this 4 AM closing issue had been resolved and was somewhat dismayed to hear the 'rumor' had started again. I simply stated the man who was exising the restaurant did not appear to be a workman but was dressed in business casual. She assured me the matter will be mentioned to Michael Land when he returns from vacation.