March 2, 2009

The Dependent Ones

Between reading about small children left alone then this horrid tale of Kitten Abuse should make one wonder if we have lost all common sense.

If we have children and/or baby animals, our responsibility is to take care of them. Sure, we’ve all experienced, or heard through our parent friends, the hassles of day care. Since the blog doesn’t state any specifics, we can’t assume more than the obvious – three small children were left unattended. A nine year old isn’t qualified to handle two siblings without adult supervision. If a babysitter didn’t show up, or the car wouldn’t start, well, things happen and parents need to find alternate solutions even if it means staying home from work. Surely parents would rather deal with an angry boss than deal with DCFS or a tragic accident that occurred because they weren’t home.

Perhaps all building managers should provide a list of day care providers in their immediate neighborhood for all tenants with children. Surely RPCC and HACC and other agencies could assist on this.

The Bong Dude in Nebraska has proven he’s not a candidate for parenthood. Kittens are lively little creatures (like children) and tend to be on the mischievous side for a few months. But little Shadow didn’t deserve to be bonged out of her mind. The sad reality is that the humane society probably offers better temporary treatment than some foster homes provided by DCFS.

Let’s hope for the best for all involved on Sherwin and for Shadow in Nebraska.

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