March 12, 2009

Beat 2422 Meeting Was A Full House

The CAPS Beat 2422 meeting was packed tonight! There were new faces and people seemed eager to get involved.

Other than discussion about the Howard Street Initiative, there were other topics of interest brought to the floor, including policing of side streets. The recent shooting on Fargo was discussed. While out posting flyers last night, we saw several squads doing spot checks on Fargo.

There will be an outdoor roll call on Monday, March 16 at 7:00 PM at the intersection of Greenview and Fargo. Neighbors are encouraged to make an appearance and if anyone is interested in a walk afterward – let us know.

Several non-residents and the lease owner of an apartment in the 1600 block of Jonquil were arrested Friday, March 6 for cocaine.

Commander Sobczyk met with the regional manager of the North Point properties about their private security team and other problems. Certain conflicts were mentioned by a neighbor at the Loyola meeting. Northpoints Security doesn’t always grant police entrance to buildings. The person stated it often becomes an issue (or excuse) of ‘private property’ and domain versus the excuse that the sidewalk is public domain and the private security isn’t responsible. In short, in certain circumstances, the security appears not to be fully cooperative with the police. The commander stated that he will be working directly with the regional manager on this and other issues.

Sgt. Delgado mentioned that additional lighting was requested at a recent White Park Council Security Committee meeting. Two light poles were installed yesterday on the east side of the building to brighten up that area. Summer events currently being planned for the park were also mentioned.

Work Groups – were established tonight on sign-up sheets. They will be focused on Bosworth, Fargo, Paulina and Rogers. Work groups can also evolve into block clubs! Those who signed up will meet to discuss problems and work on resolution with the beat officers. Several people also signed up for neighborhood walks and when warm weather arrives perhaps the various groups can end their walks in the park with a picnic. And, several people volunteered to post beat meeting flyers on their blocks which will be a great way to help notify neighbors of each meeting.

If anyone in Beat 2422 is interested in a work group for their street, joining in a walk, block club or assisting with posting flyers, please let us know. Contact Eva at or me at

Special thanks to everyone who came tonight and to those who sent email blasts to neighbors and friends.

Let's make this a comfortable neighborhood – we deserve it.

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Toni said...

Officer Stevens mentioned a special event with the officers in conjunction with Spring Break at the White Community Center for all youth in Rogers Park.

Her objective is to give the kids a positive outlet for their energies.