March 18, 2009

Be Challenged!

Yesterday afternoon, four police officers were in White Park as older youth enjoyed an outdoor basketball game and smaller children took full advantage of the warm sunny day.

One of the park council committees met last night prior to the monthly meeting and guess who walked through the door? Commander Sobczyk - and he stayed through the regular meeting. We learned that former Chicago Bear Otis Wilson and his foundation will be working at the White Center with youth ages 6 and upward beginning sometime in April.

Commander Sobczyk mentioned the police teams will be on the basketball court the Wednesday of spring break from 12pm-3pm. We didn’t have the dates of spring break available but will update later. The commander stated CeaseFire will be occupying office space across the street near the Howard Area Community Center space on Howard.

On fundraising – in the August 2008 meeting I stated I would donate $100 to the fundraising kitty and asked that neighbors and businesses match or surpass the amount. Two council members chose to match my donation. Since the minutes of that meeting were never provided for approval, we brought it to the floor last night so the challenge can be made public. In fact, rather than matching is there anyone reading who is willing to surpass my $100 donation? Contact Eva at or me at

Please note donations are tax-deductible and we’ll provide the paperwork for your tax preparer. The final touches are being made to a formal letter but if anyone wishes bypass that page, please do so!

If you haven't won the lottery but want to contribute, please consider filling out a volunteer form for special events at the center. The forms are available at the building and completed forms must be returned to Sharon O'Connell, park supervisor. Yes, they require criminal background checks and fingerprinting. The agency that does finger printing has agreed to set up shop one Saturday in the center but requires a minimum of 20 applicants in person with approved letters from the Park District. We're doing our best to make it convenient and save travel time and money for those who want to help but are going through these tough financial times.

For businesses or individuals who wish to contribute in-kind donations - please contact us for options.


loulou said...

Hi... CPS indicates Spring Break as April 6 - 10. Sounds like good things are happening in White Park. Thanks for the update.

Toni said...

Thanks LL!