February 18, 2009

Same Crap - Different Day

One Down and Ike’s on the Hot Seat. Will all the 'allegedly' corrupt alderpeople please stand up? It would save time and money to do this en masse.

I remember Ike at the Stroger shoo-in at the Allegro Hotel. He and another alderman kept their verbal sarcasm running (they called it joking) until at one point Ike got ‘racist’ when he yelled over at his pal about everyone was quiet when ‘those white people’ were talking - so be quiet now. His sarcasm pal was also African American but not a Stroger fan.

I think that’s the mentality that Obama kind of frowns upon isn’t it? But that’s the mentality that gets these not so qualified people the job of alderperson isn’t it?

Let’s not overlook this confused appointee who can’t get his lies in order.

Burris is 71 years old. Good for him if he’s active and working – but if his memory isn’t serivng him too well then he has no business being in the role of Senator. Of course, those politicians who backed down at the 11th hour and let him slide in weren’t doing their real jobs either. Quinn needs to get that fumigating can out and start spraying the scene of the crime where this un-Senator was allowed to pass the test.

All the time and money being spent to sift through the corruption is the secondary crime here.

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