February 12, 2009

The Razzie of Ward 49

Feats o' strength

"Joe Moore first came to my attention by way of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, who drew my attention to the alderman's work on the 2002 anti-war resolution that [the Chicago City Council] passed. I've kept an eye on him since then, as I do many officials around the country. Moore stood out because of his willingness to take on high-profile issues such as the war, big-box stores, etc."

The focus on the local MVP, Mr. Nichols added, was not based on "life-saving acts of heroism," one of News-Star's questions. Apparently, Mr. Nichols is unaware of Ald. Moore's attempt to chase down a 20-something purse snatcher just days after the 2007 aldermanic runoff.

News-Star Cityside - Complete Article

We'd love to invite Mr. Nichols to an extended stay in parts of Joe's wonderful ward. He can help us pick up trash, report graffiti, police the streets and parks, listen to distressed neighbors because Joe's office doesn't return their phone calls. He can help report problem and vacant buildings since Joe and staff aren't on top of the job they're supposed to do - which is manage a ward not the world.

Perhaps Mr. Nichols can advise the woman who emailed me about her landlord's probable illegal rent BS. There's never a dull moment. Mr. Nichols may be too exhausted to join a lively round of adoration with the Moore crowd after the citizenry have shown him the seamy sides of Rogers Park. Nichols needs the hands-on experience of mismanagement.

I wonder if Nichols watches the Raspberry Awards too?

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tea party said...

I suspect Alderman Moore is better suited for work in Washington DC. He is a big picture guy.

Please Mr. Moore, step aside and let someone else lead Rogers Park....the day to day leading of a ward is not your strength or passion.