February 22, 2009

Quick - Get The Shredder!

Last Sunday The Chicago Tribune editorial was about the State of Corruption. Todays editorial comes right to the point many Chicagoans have been waiting for. Have you ever asked for help and couldn't get it from your alderperson? Have you been targeted by your alderperson and/or staff if you're on the 'enemy list' or have an enemy dossier file in the drawer? Have you been taunted or harassed by your alderman's little puppies?

Have you ever been told you could get help if you played your aldermans' follow the dots game? Want quick permits or zoning? New builder in town? You may get a happy phone call of introduction followed by another inviting you to a fundraiser.

There may be a glimmer of hope -

"Last Sunday, in introducing an ongoing Chicago Tribune effort titled "State of Corruption," we told you we would advance reforms to combat the culture of political sleaze at all levels of government in Illinois. This Sunday we're pleased to report that Ald. Patrick O'Connor, Mayor Richard M. Daley's floor leader in the Chicago City Council, promises to instigate a change that would empower the city's inspector general to investigate the 50 aldermen."

Read the complete second Sunday 2/22/09 Chicago Tribune Editorial


Fargo said...

Have you ever asked for help and couldn't get it from your alderperson?

Hmmm....that one sounds rather familiar. Encountered that many times.

This new measure is welcome. I hope it does some good.

RogersParking said...

If this new measure becomes a reality, I predict we can begin the slow goodbye wave to our boy Joe.