February 28, 2009

Large Wounds Require Sutures Not Band Aids

Bosworth wrote: Jay Johnson and his buildings are bad news for the neighborhood Mr Alderman, we want him out of here.

Bosworth - Johnsons’ buildings have been an issue here long before we arrived. There are other problem building owners North of Howard whom Joe has chosen to 'sweep under the rug' to maintain this area that he and a handful of outsiders see befitting to their cause. What Joe has ignored is the reality of that cause which is severely flawed when the buildings are not properly managed.

Building owners and managers who are blatantly not enforcing the HUD rules that guarantee them a regular monthly rent check from our tax dollars to their bank accounts should be held accountable by the alderman. Joe, however, conveniently remains outside our reality and those who are affected by mismanagement. Instead, the problem is dumped on neighbors and each commander to fix while everyone pays financially, economically and emotionally. It successfully enables too many of the wrong people to succeed.

Its similar to a quack doctor putting a band aid on a huge wound. IF the wound heals it will leave an inexcusable and painful scar. That’s what we see on Howard, Morse and several other Rogers Park Streets. Blaming the economy isn't even fair game – we must ask what was being done before the economy tanked? The burden was put on the neighbors and the police while Joe and the outsiders enabled the maintenance of the status quo.

The legal system that is currently in place seems to provide a haven where the violators and perpetrators are the victims. It takes months and years to remedy an obvious problem building while the neighbors and tenants who are affected have to follow the rules set in place. Of course everyone has certain rights of protection under the law – but at what point does an alderman or judge or HUD say ‘enough of this’?

The commander has made a commitment but until the other enforcers put their support where their mouths are we will still have these building management issues. The police should have complete support from Moore and all subsidized building owners/managers. What do they get? A 'no show' from Joe at CAPS meetings. Then they listen to certain building managers who show up at CAPS meetings giving glowing progress reports or else whining that they can’t evict problem tenants. As the News-Star headline states:

Quality of Life – It’s Not Rocket Science

How dare anyone receiving a paycheck from taxpayers ignore the obvious. The burden should be on the alderman, the courts and HUD to clean up the festering sores and stop dropping those rent checks to negligent owners. The band aid theory has proven itself to be ineffective.

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