February 19, 2009

A Dream for Howard Street

Picture the bustle of people going in and out of an environmentally green new Trader Joe’s store armed with reusable shopping bags filled with choice produce, meats, fresh baked goods, fair trade coffees, teas, and chocolaty treats, and it’s on the south east corner of Howard Street and Ashland!

This Trader Joe’s has brought new employment opportunities for young and old stimulating the Howard Street economy.

Trader Joe’s has become the catalyst for other forward thinking developers and entrepreneurs to move to Howard Street east of the newly renovated CTA el station.

Trader Joe’s has made Howard Street a destination street where people want to come to peruse and shop in interesting stores and boutiques that have opened up intermingled with businesses that helped establish our community.

People now feel safe on Howard Street with the inviting atmosphere this new Trader Joe’s store has brought. Howard Street is warm and welcoming as the smell of fresh baked goods wafts through the air from the Caribbean Bakery during the day and the aroma of fresh garlic from the local b.y.o.b. Trattoria, Thai or other worldly restaurant permeates the air in the evenings.

People greet you on the street with a smile as they are headed to their new Trader Joe’s on Howard Street to pick up milk from free range, grain and hay fed cows or soy milk and a vegan snack.

Trader Joe’s on Howard Street has given people a reason to willingly leave the car parked and walk through the neighborhood to get to the store.

Just east and west of Trader Joe’s proudly sits Starfish After School Program, DevCorp North, Howard Area Community Center, Jamaican Jerk and other long standing businesses and organizations that have created the foundation and served our neighborhood over the years. Across the street is the Willye B. White Community Recreation Center and Park gleaming in all it’s glory.

Store front facades have gotten facelifts, window displays are trendy and upbeat. Business owners know the passers by because they shop in their stores regularly. All of this brought on because of the new Trader Joe’s that has moved on Howard Street at the south east corner of Howard and Ashland, Rogers Park, Chicago, our neighborhood.

Ahhh! Dreams! :-) J

By Eva McCann

If anyone else has a similar dream, please go to this Trader Joe’s link below and put in the “comments box” the South East corner of Howard and Ashland as a location.

Trader Joe Locations

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North Of Rogers said...

I have submitted the form once a week for over a year about the Clark mall, and nothing came of it.
I heard somewhere that TJ'S likes to be one of a few stores in a strip, like the one in Lincoln park and Glenview, not all by it self.

I recently heard rumors of one at granville and broadway.

Either way I want a TJ's in our area. I'll keep requesting.....