January 6, 2009

What Change?

If Blago were a female people would probably call him a conniving bitch. Certainly there are equally nasty nicknames for males, but females are usually the target of any ‘B’ tags.

In this melodrama we have several B’s. We have Blago. We have the plantation politics of Bobby Rush. We have Burris claiming ‘we are the junior senator’ and that he’s down to earth and doesn’t showboat – especially in church. And, we have Barack Obama, the first black man elected to the office of President of the United States for starters.

Of course, Barack has been accused of not being black enough by Rush and, Rev. Jackson. But both jumped on the Obama train when it was time to promote him didn’t they? These nice guys had no problem taking advantage of the camera time given them did they? Barack was black enough then.

Even when Obama said ‘no’ to any Blago appointment, the ugly outdated politics still reared its divisive head didn’t it? The pot has been stirred and the odors emanating from it are as foul as ever.

B-lago Boy has certainly created a distraction from his own failings and is doing a terrific job of stealing Barack’s historical emergence as president in a few days. Blago should be ashamed of himself but his Narcissistic personality will not allow it. However, what excuse do Burris and Bobby Rush et al have to offer? Moments in the spotlight, inscriptions on the granite resume, and stirring the plantation politics pot are more important than being supportive of Barack’s request.

Is it really about having a person of color in the Senate seat or is it politics as usual in Illinois?

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