January 8, 2009

Walking 101

Don’t make promises if you can’t keep them. All the bluster and thunder about not seating Burris seems to be a lot of noise with no rain. Senators across the country are caving in like naughty children being reprimanded by a parent. And Jessie White’s being portrayed as the bad guy in their backpedaling – but we taxpayers aren’t supposed to notice this.

Who counseled Jesse that he did or did not have to sign? Our fearless slider, Dick Durbin turned into mush to appease Obama who switched gears too. It’s a little late to worry about damage control over the corrupt political mess known as Illinois politics. At least spilled milk can be mopped up relatively quickly.

The mess of Illinois has been bilking taxpayers for years and it seems it will continue unless voters get their own program. Long after January 20’s event is over, we’ll still be manipulated by this crowd. They will continue to spend millions jetting about trying to charm us for a vote here and a vote there. Now they’ve proven to the world they can talk the talk but stumble miserably when it’s time to walk.

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