January 19, 2009

Vacant Building Registration Etc.

Bosworth commented: “24 hours later and the vacant, now burned out building is still not boarded up and secured properly. The police are no longer posted out front.

Since school is out today, I hope some curious children don't wander into that mess and get hurt.”

I can’t seem to find any vacant buildings registered on this stretch of Howard Street, Chicago IL 60626. All city departments are closed in observance of King Day so anwers aren’t readily available. A non-city employee stated the owner has 24 hours to board up the property. The question is does the 24 hours span from the time of the fire or the time of notification to the owner?

Vacant Building Registration

Vacant Building Ordinance

Amendment to Vacant Property Ordinance Section 13.12.125 [PDF]

Other information from City website

As I mentioned to a long gone ward 49 staffer in a conversation about the long vacant Broadmoor East – How could you NOT know its been vacant for years thanks to a squatter fire? Then I stated that if I were alderman the first thing I’d do is put up a map of my ward with pushbuttons indicating vacant buildings, problem buildings etc.

No wonder Joe thought I wanted his job. I’d like it if he just performed his job without partiality. The City can't collect this data without individual wards taking the lead in providing it.


Toni said...

The city could collect a lot of money if these properties were properly recorded, boarded up and secured per their ordinance(s).

The North Coast said...

I find it unbelievable that neither the Broadmoor East nor the property that recently burned on Howard St have been properly boarded up.

This is done INSTANTLY in other north lakefront wards. A fire gutted a building on Argyle St this fall, and the owner (who I know) was pressured to get the place in boards whilst the ruins were still smoldering and the fire dept was still there. While the firefighters were handling a late flareup, the City called our number, where the owner said he could be reached, and asked if the place was boarded up.

I'm sure you and other NOH neighbors have placed calls to 311 about this, so it's not as though the City doesn't know.

We surely have the lamest, most feckless,irresponsible and unaccountable alderman in the city. This guy makes even Helen Schiller look like an exemplary public servant compared. I've known worse aldercreatures, but only in certain cities that are so far gone they have to turn their street lights out on alternating nights to save on electricity.

Chicago is not that kind of city, but our alderman runs things around here as though we were a place like San Salvador.

Toni said...

The Broadmoor East was boarded on the first floor. However it didn't stop squatters. It's undergoing renovation now.

As soon as the rubble was removed from the Caribbean Bakery, the board up truck arrived. The collapse was Friday night, clean up was Saturday and board up late that same day. In the case of Sundays fire, apparently the CPD couldn't locate the owner. So our tax dollars were spent on a police officer sitting there for hours and hours.

I'm sure reports on these events are generated to the ward office. I noticed an email blast was sent yesterday but no board up.

It's boarded up tonight - Tuesday. If the alderperson doesn't manage his/her ward then what's the purpose of $100k salary? That row has sat vacant for two years now. The laundry was boarded up but not Little Mel's or the Tire Shop. Go figure. BUT, 311 calls can be generated against homeowners if someone doesn't like the occupant!

mcl said...

This is another perfect example as to why the City of Chicago needs to consolidate the number of Wards we have. In today's high tech, Internet ,311 world, Aldermanic Offices are no longer needed to deal with Ward services, especially when you have an Alderman like Moore, who is completely unresponsive to community needs. We need to cut the current 50 Wards to no more than 25, maybe less. The City of Los Angeles has 15 Districts (Wards) and 15 City Council Members serving a geographic area twice as large as Chicago with a population of a million+ more residents. As I have said before, the Wards could be consolidated to 25 by using the 25 Police Districts as the geographic boundries.