January 2, 2009

Mr. Burris, please RTFM

Burris said if he is turned away at the ceremony, he won't make a scene.

"That is not my style. I am not seeking to be confrontational," he said. "I'm not showboating or styling to try to be making points for somebody. That's not me." Source

“If he gets the signatures, the Senate Committee on Rules and Admistration could refuse to seat him, citing Article 1, Section 5. Additionally, Sen. Dick Durbin could break tradition by refusing to walk Burris into the chamber. Blagojevich, however, has Senate floor priveleges and could escort Burris to his desk.” Source

Durbin called Burris twice to discuss the situation, but Burris never got the messages because he hasn't got his cell phone thing down. Source

Burris, his lobbying firm, his clients and a law firm that includes him donated $127,986 to Blagojevich since the governor took office. Burris himself gave $4,500 to the governor, including $1,000 last June. His lobbying firm, Burris & Lebed Consulting, gave $10,796 in cash and services. The law firm with which Burris is affiliated kicked in $5,000 for the governor. Burris' consulting firm has gotten $294,546.30 in state contracts under Blagojevich. Source


Burris has already made a scene by playing Blago’s game AND inviting Bobby Rush to join the news conference and do his race card challenging bit. But is that a surprise to anyone of any color? Do we not experience these political terrorists antics at every election in some form?

Maybe Burris should RTFM that came with his cell phone. Retrieving messages shouldn't be that difficult.

Perhaps Burris won’t make a scene but he’ll have a circus of others to do it for him, just like last weeks press conference. AND, it will be even more amusing to see how the big talkers in the Senate actually handle it. If they can talk the talk, let’s see if they can walk the walk and just say ‘no’.

Feel free to express the various scenarios from politicians dragging school children to hell and brimstone preachers, and Elvis descending on Washington. Makes you proud to live in Illinois doesn’t it?

One last thought, since the laws are so bloody weak and have too many loopholes, perhaps its time to do the lawyerly thing and dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s in a complete re-write. Corruption isn’t going away in Illinois so the least the lawmakers could do is spell out what happens under future corrupt governor circumstances.

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