January 10, 2009

Clearing Blagos Fog, Clearing Chicago's Sidewalks

Blago refers to the hard working people he paraded before the cameras that he allegedly helped by reciting yet another poem. When he spoke of his parents struggles, I thought of mine and their parents before them. I thought of that rural area where I grew up where everyone knew their neighbors. Granted, there was the usual amount of ‘snobbery’ but everyone worked, everyone banded together when there was a common cause.

Getting food stamps or joining the welfare wagon was the last and final option – it was known as pride not an entitlement. Kids would be out on a day like this offering to shovel walks or driveways. Grown men would outfit their trucks with plows to clear driveways, alleys and side streets. They still do and they don’t always expect payment. It’s known as being a good neighbor.

Fast forward to this morning: Those with snow blowers will do their walks and parking areas only. Or they may clear their parking area and forget about pedestrians. The bands of boys I saw on Howard Street last night will not be out with shovels making a few bucks by offering to shovel snow. But they may be out later doing a more lucrative job.

Our front sidewalk on city property is clear for now. I’ll finish the path on the front steps later. It is NOT city property and the only people who need to be inside the gate are the residents and the mail person, And thank you neighbor for dropping off the bags of salt since we don’t own a car. Of course, there's no reimbursement from the city, no entitlement for clearing their walks!

Blago’s alleged wrongs to the taxpayers It sounds like BAU - Business As Usual doesn't it?

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