August 28, 2008

From One Who Knows

How it all began

As a former member of the North of Howard Area Neighborhood Safety Committee, I would like to set the history of the Gale Community Center straight. Initially, the idea of a community center North of Howard did not begin with Ald. Moore. It began when the results of a survey done in February and March 1997 by the Howard Area Community Center's Security Patrollers, were presented to the Neighborhood Safety Committee (NSC) on March 18, 1997. The community decided that safety issues could not be resolved with short-term solutions, but needed intervention and programming on a much larger scale. The concept of a youth center that could be used by current youth programs and others was born.

Initially, it was the community that invited Ald. Moore, developer Paul Gougen, and other selected persons in a letter of April 7, 1997 to a meeting to discuss possibility for the community to partner with a developer as a way to build and operate such a center.

Initially, the NSC brought up the idea of a youth center at every meeting by a developer, and researched other funding possibilities, including our legislators.

Initially, the NSC visited five other youth centers, three being the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, and Marillac House, to find out how they designed, paid for, and operated their centers, and how the community was involved in running the programs or serving on their boards. The NSC, with the assistance of Loyola University's Center for Urban Research and Learning program surveyed the community on types of programming needed, and got space estimates on building size. It looked at the Rogers Park Movers' 6-story building on Paulina as a site, and Loyola architects drew up plans as to how it would look if utilized for such a purpose.

On May 20, 1997, Ald. Moore talked about the need for a youth center in his state of the ward address and hinted that it could resemble a park field house. He formed a youth center subcommittee, and on Sept. 22, 1997, the NSC received a memorandum from him to come to a meeting at which Rudy Mulder, the first developer of the Gateway Plaza, pledged $500,000 toward the project. No further youth subcommittee meetings were held, yet on Dec. 10, 1997 the Alderman, without any acknowledgement of the NSC or its work, unveiled the Gale-Kiwanis Park Plan. There was no real discussion or way to negotiate divergent points of view and over the next months groups were forced to vote for the plan up or down.

From then on, it was the Alderman's plan, his project. The rest is history that everyone knows, and how the community has had to fight for information and for meaningful involvement in the project they conceived and initiated.

Sr. Cecilia Fandel OSM
Gale Park Advisory Council
Former organizer for NSC


August 26, 2008

Looking At Gale Park Today

This morning I noticed the yellow Park District truck leaving behind a pristine, quiet park.

GEDC0087-1 GEDC0088-1 GEDC0089-1 GEDC0090-1 GEDC0091-1

Tonight a little after six o’clock on my way home…new signs were up.

GEDC0092-1 GEDC0093-1

Shoes were pretty neatly lined up and the kids were playing football – one little girl made a touchdown and yes, the boys yelled hooray….that’s better than the adults can often manage!
GEDC0096-1 GEDC0094-1

Here’s a sight few expected to see – soccer! Yes, there are other sports than just basketball.

GEDC0099-1 GEDC0100-1

The play area was pretty clean – I didn’t see any broken glass.


This area on the Northeast end of the park has been a loitering hangout for a long time. I read that Bosworth reported seeing crap games and a lot activity around 5-5:30 pm tonight. It was relatively quiet when I walked through. The beaten up chess tables were home to a few card games and a whole deck was strewn on the ground. The other problem gathering place is the Southeast corner of the park by the baseball diamond.


But for the most part, people had not trashed the park too badly today, except perhaps on Craigs’ blog! But most comments are necessary because those ‘in power’ to make change are probably reading. Gale Park and this little neighborhood is like a garden – it needs nurturing, pruning and weeding in order to grow.

One person in the meeting last week complained that the outdoor basketball hoops were taken down because ‘certain’ neighbors said the night games made too much noise. The fact is, the hoops were down while construction was underway and remained down until the building opened as the facility it was designed to be - a public park facility.

The fact is the city park closes at 9pm and the hoops come down. There’s also this mandate known as curfew. The counter statement was that the complaints were about the night time activities such as drug dealing, prostitution, partying, dice games and the occasional gunshots. That is what brought about complaints or 911 calls. Face it, there are some people who may never set foot in the gym or the outdoor courts – they have another agenda.

What also was not mentioned is the fact that this park faces the rear of certain buildings where noise is frequently acceptable and calling 911 is an invitation to intimidation. Perhaps the trio who think the BGC would change Gale Park should spend their time and energies on getting and keeping these properties gang and drug free. It’s time to use this so-called power a little more wisely. Since the trio doesn’t even live in this neighborhood, perhaps they should either move here or make the necessary adjustments with the owners and management of these buildings. Put a stop to the drugs, gangs and child endangerment by negligent parents and guardians. Is that too much like real work? Or is HUD that frightening to work with? Or are promises too difficult to keep? Providing affordable housing is one matter – not providing contingencies or enforcing the rules to ensure the safety of a neighborhood is an entirely different subject.

While everyone is glued to the Democratic Convention where Obama is praised as a man who shows respect to those who disagree with him, as a man who seeks to find common ground rather than dividing - then perhaps our leaders should follow in their candidates footsteps.

Gardening is real work too – but if done with persistence – the results are amazing.

August 25, 2008

Babies Having Babies

Here’s a must read from Rogers Park Inconsistent

We've all seen the young people and children depicted in the post.

August 23, 2008

Hear Ye! We Want Your Ideas For The NOH Parks


It is time to submit budget requests to the Park District. They are holding a hearing on Sept. 16 at North Park Village. The Park Advisory Councils will be presenting their requests.

The Councils represent you, so please come to any or all of these three meetings. We have some ideas, you have some ideas. Let’s work out 2 priorities to improve our parks North of Howard.

Harold Washington Memorial Park

7710 N. Paulina

Tuesday, August 26 -6:00 – 7:00 pm

Sponsored by Harold Washington Park Advisory Council.

Triangle Park

Hermitage at Juneway

Wednesday, August 27 - 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Bring a lawn chair. Sponsored by Triangle Park Advisory Council.

Gale Park

Ashland Entrance

Thursday, August 28 - 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Cement seating area. Sponsored by Gale Park Advisory Council.

For more information contact: Sr. Cecilia Fandel 773-973-4812

PS - If you have any fundraising ideas for any or all parks - please submit them in writing after the meeting you attend. Please include the name of park on your submission.

August 22, 2008

A Meeting With Julie Hamos

Our district state Representative Julie Hamos called a meeting August 20 to address certain concerns she had over the new community center.

a. It is closed on Sundays
b. Extended hours
c. How to get there
d. What is the process
e. Programs geared to the 15-25 year old group

The building has been open for 21 days – and not with the proper celebratory fanfare the doors should have opened with. Instead, we had to engage in more political struggles, the kind that shower a festive occasion with ominous dark clouds. The neighborhood was faced with the uncertainty of the privatization of a public building that was promoted by Joe and certain members of certain community organizations. Many of the latter attended the meeting and Rep. Hamos ensured that the three parks advisory council members were included. At last, everyone sat in a circle and Rep. Hamos intelligently guided the conversation from her first involvement ten years ago to the present.

What became apparent early in the discussion was the ongoing comparison of ‘cookie cutter’ programming versus what would have/could have allegedly been provided by the Boys and Girls Club from Joe. What also became obvious was an attempt to put the park district supervisor and the area supervisor on the hot seat over programming. As explained by Sharon and Brian – the programming is not available until September (fall cycle). As explained by both – the success of a new building is dependent on the popularity of certain programs, the input from those attending, the community, and area organizations. Sharon mentioned providing the gym for home basketball games for the Alternative High School. She mentioned individuals and groups requesting certain events or programs and her willingness to sit down and work with them. Granted, there is a need for more activities to include the age group Rep. Hamos is concerned about on the Fall 2008 indoor 10 week program list.

Hamos never gave me the impression that she was promoting the BGC, however, Joe was still in apparent lobby mode. Some in attendance made rather snide remarks about the park district employees capabilities – including one whose spouse is employed by the park district! Yet hopefully people learned a few things at the meeting.

The building will be extending hours from 9am to 9pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday in September when the programming cycle begins. Due to the delay in opening – the summer cycle couldn’t be met and the building is in a state of transition. Its rather obtuse to compare new park facility programs to those of an established one until the needs have been determined. Some parks have their trademark program(s) and Gale has yet to find theirs. Certainly, there is always room for improvement and it might just start with a community that proactively works together for common agreed upon goals.

Again, certain people in attendance attempted to disregard the purpose of a park advisory council and the goals that the three councils had been working on prior to the disturbance from June 5 to August 1 when the building opened as a public facility. Tuesday night, August 19, the three councils representing Gale, Triangle and HW Playlot met with more than 20 people attending the first meeting in the new facility.*

When the park council first formed 5 ½ years ago, the Park District agreed that one umbrella group could cover all three neighborhood parks. This year the Park District directed that each park must have its own individual council. Therefore, we have three councils, one for each of our three area parks. Since all three parks are so close together the three new councils meet on the same night, the third Tuesday of each month, with allocated time for each. We are three separate yet united entities. What affects one park will ultimately affect the other two and the goals, though varied in focus, are to envision and create parks we can be proud of.

The councils meeting highlights were: setting up committees for security, fundraising; selecting the top 2-3 priorities for each park for the 2009 park district budget, the cost to be open on Sundays. (Tim King, of the Park District Central office responded to Eva’s question that it would cost approximately $60k for three years to be open on Sundays.) Communicating to the schools and parents, local agencies and businesses and of course, having a real celebration with the mayor attending. While one member of one RP organization mentioned they had no need to attend park advisory council meetings, it was pointed out that some of the afternoon’s discussion was already being put into place by the council.

All three parks are under the supervision of Sharon now and by collaborating and working with her, broader programs can be provided than what currently appear on the first park scheduling cycle.

It might be easier to work together than re-inventing the wheel.

In attendance:
Family Matters
Good News Kitchen
Housing Opportunities for Women
Howard Area Community Center
Joe Moore
Neighbors For A Healthy Rogers Park
Partners For Rogers Park
SEIU Local 73
Individual members of:
Gale Park Advisory Council
Harold Washington Advisory Council
Triangle Park Advisory Council

When the conversation led to programming and after school activities, I asked how many attending were involved in agencies providing youth programming. Several hands were raised. Which led to the simple thought process of rather than ‘outsourcing’ to a non-area NFP, there are several in the area with ideas and programs. Start at home.

*There were 22 signatures on the sign-in sheet but people arrived late who may not have signed in.

August 18, 2008

Howard Street El Station Closed Until 2009

Saturday night was the farewell to the Howard Street El Station as we knew it. From now until ‘early 2009’ anyone living in the hood will have to use the entrance on Paulina.


The construction barriers have finally been removed to reveal the old North Shore station that is an exit only from the red and purple lines onto Howard. At least it will save that traipse around the corner and the long suburban stop light. Too bad it can’t accommodate entry while the opposite side is being revamped.

GEDC0084 GEDC0085

The one and only entrance is on Paulina where all the buses congregate – both CTA and PACE.


Once inside the enclosed area, the escalators take riders to the next level.
GEDC0087 GEDC0088 GEDC0089

Swipe your card here and


enter the turnstiles and proceed down to the platform.


And please, move down the platform instead of forming clusters at the foot of the steps. This is going to be a major traffic flow problem.

Since I missed the Ron Huberman meeting, which escalator(s) needs to be enclosed?

Up Close

The Air Show - Up Close

Since it’s Monday, and for those who are not quite ready to let go of the weekend, please enjoy Kheris’ post at The Living Room.

August 16, 2008

Air and Water Show - 50th Year

A friend twisted my arm to hit the beach today for the special Friday event. Guess what? A lot of people were not in their offices or cubes but on the beach.

GEDC0029 GEDC0030

The Golden Knights made a grand entrance through smoke circles. Bill Murray was at the end one of the pink spiraling puffs of smoke in the second photo.

GEDC0035 GEDC0043


What's the Air Show without the Blue Angels?

GEDC0052 GEDC0066 GEDC0048 Blue Angels

Lt. Dan Band with Gary Sinise


At twilight there was more to the show. There was a police boat and helicopter rescue demonstration and then the night flying began. Lighted underbellies of the planes in formation looked like a sci-flick with the full moon as a backdrop. One plane designed by the pilot was outfitted with fireworks streaming from the wing tips. Then out of the darkness high above, it looked like a comet was entering the atmosphere. Then more followed. It was the night time version of the Golden Knights parachute team. Instead of pink smoke they lit up the night skies with golden sparks. It was 'awesome' as were the grand finale fireworks.

Night Flying

August 15, 2008

What Huberman Did NOT Discuss Last Week

Dear Neighbors,

This article from today’s Chicago Tribune sheds some light on plans by the CTA, Evanston, and Skokie to build new north suburban transit stations and increase service on the Skokie Swift line.

Last week we heard nothing at all about this from the CTA’s Ron Huberman when he came to Gale School to ask Rogers Park residents to agree to a $4.4 million donation to the CTA from our local Howard/Paulina TIF fund. Most of us who spoke at the meeting objected. We raised concerns that the request would empty our TIF account. Although this TIF will collect over $1 million a year until it expires in 2011, a $4.4 million gift to the CTA leaves us with less money to spend on our own Rogers Park community development needs.

We repeatedly suggested that the northern suburbs should kick in funds to help meet the CTA’s Howard Street Station project cost over runs. The station is a regional hub. Our neighbors to the north and northwest depend on it. They should help pay for it too. I recall Huberman only responded that the CTA had asked, but he explained that getting these municipalities to help the CTA was a dead end proposition.

Now we learn that the CTA plans to build more stations and increase its service – but specifically to serve north suburban riders. I find this news more than curious. Actually, in light of Huberman’s presentation to us, the terms duplicitous and lack of transparency come to mind.

Peace, Michael J. Harrington

August 13, 2008

The Gale Park Letter

Surely everyone didn’t think it was over did they? Especially after Moore's long, belated email that appeared to be an announcement. Let’s backtrack to one week before the Gale Park public facility was opened to everyone on August 1, 2008.

Eva received a call from Matt Marino on July 25th stating the building would be opened by the Park District. She asked for a letter from said government entity stating as much. Marino called back and told her a letter would be drafted and sent by Tim King of the Park District. Following subsequent follow-up calls, still no letter has been received. SOCC – Save Our Community Center - sent a similar letter of request to Tim Mitchell and Gery Chico.

So, today, Eva and I attended the monthly Park District Board meeting at 4PM. Eva’s allocated two minute ‘talk time’ centered around several issues. First, she thanked the commissioners for opening the facility as a public building. They smiled and the audience applauded their approval for Gale Park. Then she mentioned not receiving the letter stating it would be a public facility…that’s when frowns etched across some faces. Eva also mentioned there was concern that the facility was not open on Sundays and the furrows deepened. It’s also when the verbal antics began.

The typical haughty response was ‘well, it’s opened as a park district facility isn’t it’? Then came the diatribe from one commissioner who shouldn’t be getting himself involved in the issue if it concerns a Boys and Girls Club. That would be Mr. Bob Pickens who last month praised the work of the BGC. It’s always amusing when asking anyone ‘in power’ for a truthful response to a question because he/she habitually gets huffy and starts up on integrity! Mr. Pickens couldn’t resist the insulting method of intimidation by saying that we got what we wanted, a park district building, and we were heard last month. Well, were we really?

In the world I live in 8 hours a day, the deal isn’t done until a contract is signed stating what is encompassed in the deal so there are no open ends or loopholes for anyone to wriggle through later on.

No one asked about integrity, the question was: What can we do to work with the park district to have the facility open on Sunday? Simply put, the equally arrogant response was how much money could the taxpayers raise? Then it veered into the BGC again and how the club was willing to raise X amount of money and how Tim Mitchell and Gery Chico are willing to look over any proposals that save them money and enhance their parks! The tirade continued to how Senator Steans offered funding and Mitchell rattled off the list of funders.

Gentlemen, they may be your parks but the people are footing the bills through their taxes, so the people should have a stake in the decision making process. As it is, the dialogue appears to be continuing between the aldermanic elements and the park district to possibly allow the BGC to conduct ‘supplemental activities’ on Sundays at Gale. Therefore, no letter!

Whether or not they were taken aback, Eva announced that Mr. Mitchell was invited to attend a meeting called by someone a tad higher up the ladder than the blog lurker who is concerned about the absence of Sunday programming by the park district.

After the meeting, I had to ask the boards’ yuppie puppie why he was making faces at me during certain portions of the meeting. Naturally he denied his sophomoric attempts at intimidation - lord knows I’ve had enough experience in the last 6 years living in this ward! At any rate, the young man can sit in denial, but there happened to be a live audience watching today. He probably wasn’t expecting to be called out on his lack of professionalism. I’m sorry son, but if you want to sit in a seat of power then exert it wisely like an adult.

Regarding Mr. Pickens, well, last month after publicly stating that his wife is employed by the BGC organization he continued his praises of the club after todays meeting. I asked why he never praised the employees of the park district. He didn’t respond. He is proud of his wife’s title of Vice President and large salary and he has that right. However, to me, it is a very large conflict of interest for him to be involved in any kind of decision making regarding a park district offering up a whole public building or a day of programming to the BGC. It’s not a question of integrity necessarily, it’s a question of his association to the organization and his partiality to it. To Pickens credit, he did state after the meeting that that he did not approve of the process around the proposed Gale/BGC ‘agreement’.

As for Mitchell and Chico, it’s apparent and very obvious they’ll do everything in their power to continue stashing money away for the Olympics that have yet to be placed in Chicago. It’s also obvious that they’re still discussing BGC options with Moore and crew. It wasn’t confirmed but it was not denied either. No mention was made of local NFP’s in the area that have been providing youth programming for years and years. Not one word.

The highlight of the meeting was Alderman Leslie Hairston, 5th Ward who addressed the issue of allowing deep water swimming off Promontory Point at 55th Street in Jackson Park. It seems swimming for more than 50 years was halted this year by the police department ticketing swimmers. She asked why northside beaches allow deep water swimming, why, as a triathlete and a swimmer, she has to go outside her southside neighborhood/ward just to swim. Definition: Deep water means one can not touch bottom and still see land. The commissioners tried the same tactic with her as they’ve done with other ‘park speakers’. It did NOT work with Hairston. For every ball they tossed in her court, she tossed about three returns to them. At one point, when Mr. Chico stated he needed more information he’d only been there for 8 months, Hairston suggested he do his homework and be quiet. When she was told to write them a proposal, she told them to give her old proposals that worked for the northside so she’d have a map and to save a lot of time.

WGN News was there taping the event.

Another point of interest: The Board and several of their hand chosen PAC members have finally come to an agreement on PAC guidelines. The board approved them in this mornings committee meetings – however, allegedly, further editing still has to be completed before the guidelines are available to everyone. Now isn’t that a discrepancy? If this is true it translates to: We won’t keep our word and send a signed letter but we will approve unfinished verbiage on citywide guidelines. Take that PACs, we’ve just snookered you into approving a document that we retain the right to edit after receiving your approval!

Gentrification Hits North of Howard

You read correctly – the cats heard a terrific noise yesterday morning and ran to alert me. We peeked out the window and saw a huge red crane. We pulled the blinds back down so it couldn't sneak in and steal their toys and I left to check it out. Actually, I went to work but that’s not sensational…

GEDC0012 GEDC0013

A long flatbed loaded with air conditioning units stood on Bosworth while a Gatwick crane unloaded them onto the roof. Now the new tenants can have proper air conditioning.

GEDC0014 GEDC0015

There are still 'old tenants' residing in the Broadmoor. Unlike previous managers, this new group is trying to run a clean, safe building according to some tenants and securitiy. Time will tell. It's an improvement over the Higginson days with Miss Pearl and the loudspeakers and screaming doors.

It would be fun to step into a time capsule and see this building in its glory in the late 1920's. Once upon a time there was a ballroom that has since been chopped into apartments. 'We Broadcast Broadmoor Music' became the call letters for Channel 2- WBBM and had its humble beginnings (ham radio operators) in the old hotel.

August 12, 2008

Crimes Up/Arrests Are Down

According to the Sun-Times article there have been no performance evaluations since 2002 – meanwhile crime is spiking upward and arrests are down. We heard the ‘fear of the people complaints’ this summer at a CAPS meeting. I’m not sure how many times I heard the slogan “I’m not going to lose my house” during that meeting. While I can understand part of the issue stemming from the pursuit of lawsuits from hang nails to real issues, there are day to day issues I can’t quite grasp.

One issue is the 911 dispatchers who feel compelled to argue with the caller(s). Unless one owns a scanner, one never knows if the call really went through or was trash-canned. Another problem, commenter Bosworth repeatedly points out, are the open-view violations: consumption of alcohol, gambling, drug dealing, etc. in the park(s). ALL of us complain about the trash strewn by adults and children on the sidewalks. Littering has a fine attached to it if ticketed and the decibel law is still on the books. While I was told they fine these loud cars, I’ve yet to see any numbers given in a CAPS meeting.

The old argument of big crime vs little crime, time allocation etc. wears on and on. Then why not bring back the ‘outpost’ they had years ago? The temporary outpost was on the corner where DevCorp used to be at Greenview, Rogers and Howard. The wagon sat there as did assigned officers. From what I gathered, those arrested would be brought to the outpost, the paperwork was done there to save time, and the squads could roll on to gather more. Periodically, ‘the wagon’ would take the arrestees to the station. That was years before my arrival.

The other issue is the aldermans problem to fix. His promise to keep affordable housing – in one concentrated area. Before promoting any 30 year agreement, he could have, should have added a few contingencies regarding proper management and enforcement of HUD rules. Instead, it’s dumped on the neighbors and the police to deal with. The law-abiding, quiet tenants are usually too intimidated to speak up. If they do, they're threatened with 'you could lose your lease' from some building managers. Not much can be done with managements little tyrannies in the buildings; the police can’t do much except stop loitering unless they have warrants. When building security allegedly tells complainers that if people live in the building it’s OK to hang out in front - what message is conveyed? Right…20-30 people milling about at midnight, loud car radios blasting, drive up dealing, are all covered by inept security. Then there are the gunshots heard in the night....

My point is: If repeated attention was given to the public drinking, dice, dealing and other behaviors in the parks and in front of known problem buildings - the chances are some problem people (or their parents) would get tired of paying fines and cease and desist.

From the Sun-Times article:

“But Cuello said she could not attribute this year's 14 percent decrease in arrests to an intentional slowdown by officers.

"Morale is not what the people are making it out to be," Cuello said. "There is an adjustment period in any organization."

Because cops are focusing on violent crime, arrests have slipped for less serious crime like disorderly conduct, trespassing and public drinking, Cuello said. Arrests for violent crimes do not seem to have fallen as much, she said.

Chicago cops have made about 120,000 arrests through Monday compared with about 140,000 for the same period of 2007.” Source

It's about time for a big round table discussion for North of Howard. The police can't be held accountable for every piddling thing - so let's get problem buildings management, their security, the police, the alderman, and iron out some real rules - and enforce them.

Then they can hold the same town hall meeting in every pocket with problems in Rogers Park.

August 10, 2008

A Little Cheer

With the bad news on Morse Avenue for Andy McGhee early this morning ,
Broken Heart report and The Bench report

plus the loss of Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac

we need a little cheer in the blogosphere.

Here are a couple of neighbors treading away in the fitness room at the new Community Center on Saturday. I joined them and bicycled the easy way, did some hiking on the treadmill, and stiffened a few muscles on the weight machines.


Here's a little introduction to the new man in my life – 8 month old Lover Boy! As vain as he is, he just wouldn't sit still for his debut.


For a bountiful Sunday brunch – Leona’s can’t be surpassed. It was a pleasant summer day to join old friends and catch up. Later we walked to Morse to see the theater and a member of construction crew informed us it was definitely arson - but they would not be stopped. That's the spirit!


The strong east wind drove the waves across Jarvis Beach. One talented wind-surfer zipped back and forth all afternoon. Two surfers were testing the waves too.
GEDC0008 GEDC0019

These bright kites were flying proudly in the windy skies over Lake Michigan.


About an hour after we arrived, the bright orange kite broke away from its mooring on the rocks and flew over the beach landing in the parking lot of a condo building. A member of the Sunday regulars who owns the kite went to retrieve it. I missed getting a shot of the young man bringing the kite down the stairs to the beach. He was wrapped in flying orange cloth that was struggling to be airborne again. I called out ‘Hey, the Opening Olympic Ceremony – Jarvis Beach style!

GEDC0013 GEDC0014

“Fargo Tom” gives a thumbs up for the Jarvis Olympics Ceremony.


August 8, 2008


What first time event occurred 20 years ago today?

August 7, 2008

Parks Are For People

It’s been a roller coaster summer with the controversy over the Gale Community Center. After 12 long years it is open to the public, and to all ages.

Other than the alderman and some of his followers being unhappy, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many smiles in this neighborhood. I hope Joe noticed last night as he and Dave Fagus walked through the National Night Out event in Gale Park. People were happy the new center was open, were happy that a positive event was taking place in their park, and were enjoying a pleasant evening like people in Anytown USA.

Opening of the Gale Community Center Part 1

In spite of the vehicle swerving into the fence before opening on Friday, in spite of a naughty person plastering paint in the gym on Saturday – neighbors streamed through the doors to finally see their new community center. BTW – the paint splatters were removed.

The fall program schedule for ALL AGES for ALL neighbors has been posted on the Chicago Park District website. Remember, the public may give input to the park supervisor or via the Gale Park Advisory Council on programming suggestions.

Opening of the Gale Community Center Part 2

Meanwhile, the hot legal topic of privatization of public parks for private use continues. Opinions on privatization of our public parks

Source: Chicago Journal News-Star