December 11, 2008

Who's Afraid Of Rodney Woolf?

After finally reading the entire Blago Complaint [PDF] last night I felt the same kind of exhaustion I felt years ago. I was a very pregnant ‘military wife’ in England sitting home alone one Saturday night while hubby dearest was guarding the runways at Lakenheath air base. I turned on the television and watched the late movie Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

By the time the movie was over I was mentally and physically exhausted, thirsty, and unable to shake the visions of Martha and George.

After that intense reading last night, I turned on the television and must have watched the same cable channel as John Kass. One after another, the host and guests called Blago delusional, among other synonyms. They brought up chapters of corrupt Illinois history and stated Blago et al should be wearing flashy suits and fedoras like Al Capone. It was an amusing image since there are too many politicos who would look wonderful in the 1930’s style. Shall we say – it’s a timeless fashion?

Imagine the alderpeople or their minions making the rounds to the mom and pop stores collecting their monthly ‘donations’ to keep the inspectors away. Or imagine them making a call to the new owner who wants to rehab...'we can take care of certain things for you'. And it happens in other cities and small towns across the country – its known as politics.

But back to Blago – his conversations flitter all over the board. First he feels “stuck” as governor, then he wants a special job created for him and his wife, then he sinks into paranoia about “being impeached” then suddenly he’s working on his image to run for president in 2016!

True, it sounds nutty but isn’t that what most politicians do all day long? They brainstorm, maneuver, plot and plan on how to balance their budgets (and their friends) at the taxpayers expense. Oddball screaming resolutions are passed in legislatures that have little to do with improving the lives of their constituents. These are our media addicted Illinois machine politicians living on the edge, dreaming of better places and bigger rewards for their hard work!

From Kass closing:

“So listen up, you amateur psychiatrists from national cable TV land. Don't be alarmed when Chicago machine politicians act like raving lunatics.

It's when they're quiet and reasonable that you've got to worry.”


Toni said...

See, Blago’s not delusional!

Toni said...

Our alderpersons have been unusually quiet on the Blago issue haven't they?

Toni said...

The North Coast has left a new comment on your post "Who's Afraid Of Rodney Woolf?":

Their silence is deafening, isn't it?

You wonder how many more shoes are waiting to drop, and so are they. Daley was in Fitzgerald's scope just a few years ago, and just because that investigation seemed to go nowhere at the time does not mean that it's been abandoned. Fitzgerald is thorough, methodical, painstaking, and patient as Job. If there's anything to be found, he will find it.

It would be well for Obama to retain this Republican in his post as United States Attorney for the Norther District, and would speak more for his stated commitment to changing politics as usual than any verbal statement he could make.