December 11, 2008

Welcome to Willye White Park

Gale Park was renamed Willye White Park yesterday at the monthly Park District meeting even though an extension was sought by the Gale Park Council and allegedly by Joe Moore. I use the term allegedly because Joe and his supporters, Vitale and Gregory thought that the students doing research on deceased women who had contributed to Rogers Park would be a grand idea. But when the plan to turn a community center into an extension of the Lathrop BGC met resistance, the research thought was dropped – with no communication to the advisory council.

Meanwhile, in the fall, Joe called one of his reliable contacts NOH to see if the project could be extended. Ten days later he called me and left a message but didn’t like my response too much so didn’t respond when I returned his call. You see, if you remind Joe that he excluded you or your group, made plans for you, your neighbors, and the community behind your back, he gets upset and starts the reverse blame game.

At any rate, at one point Joe requested an extension and the Gale council president outlined the Moore/Gregory/Vitale renaming plan to the Gale Academy principal and a teacher in charge of the project. However, yesterday, during the morning meeting it was announced that Joe Moore had sent a letter to the Park District Commissioners approving the renaming of Gale to Willye White. A copy was not sent to the park advisory council however. Perhaps it got lost in the mail?

In the midst of the research, a beloved science teacher at Gale Academy passed away. The teacher in charge of the renaming project took six grieving students to the meeting yesterday. I was told the students read poetry and a eulogy to the commissioners. Though moved by the youngsters grief, the commissioners told the kids they would name a room in the facility for their teacher – or something.

Now that this run-around exercise is behind us, perhaps Joe can respond to the letter the councils sent to him some weeks ago asking that 1) he contact the appropriate president of the three parks concerning Park District developments at their park instead of non-council members and 2)to inform us who will attend our combined monthly meetings to represent the ward office. It has been put in writing that he work with us as a hired employee of the City of Chicago. He was given email addresses and phone numbers of each park council president.

We still await his response and a copy of his letter to the Park District. So who is difficult to work with?

The public meeting of the three park advisory councils is held every third Tuesday at 7PM at the new park facility at 1610 W. Howard Street. Joe is invited to attend as are all neighbors. The next meeting is December 16.

Blog note: Mr. Pickens, Park District Commissioner requested this name change for his late friend, Ms. White. He was on the 1968 Olympics wrestling team. He is very proud of his wife's work and position as a high ranking VP of the Boys and Girls Club.


Toni said...

The terms of renaming a park require that the person be deceased for one year. The Gale teacher who just passed away did not meet park district requirements but devoted 20 years of service to teaching.

Hugh said...

Moore is a child in an overgrown body

We should FOIA Moore's letter and post it for posterity as documentation of a scumbag