December 18, 2008

Snow Kitty

From Lover Boy and MizAli:

Sometimes we turn our noses up at certain food Mom gives us and that’s a big mistake. We hear about the starving, homeless alley kitties who would be grateful to have the food we’re ignoring. To make matters worse, Uncle Tim sent her a photo of this kitty that he and Aunt Eva feed every morning. They’ve named him Yul. While he gets a regular meal he’s really missing out on the best part of life – being loved. You see, he’s feral and afraid to get too close to humans.


MizAli: Like Yul, I was out in the alley and with three babies to feed. Thankfully the Mom I was in the process of adopting started feeding me. I staked out her arrival time and started waiting for her. After a few weeks, I let her touch me. When I trusted her enough to bring my babies up for food they wouldn’t let her touch them. Then a huge raccoon discovered our food source and chased us away. But when the kids were grown and had gone their own way, I came back to the porch and let her know I wanted a home.

We send love and purrs to Aunt Eva and Uncle Tim for taking care of Yul as much as the poor, scared fellow will allow. For this holiday season, we hope Yul gets the courage to trust humans and get a nice home.

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The North Coast said...

Love the photos of all these gorgeous cats. I sure hope Yul agrees to go home with his humans. I can't stand thinking of homeless animals in the cold.