December 9, 2008

Republic Windows Cast and Crew

What an interesting bunch of players in the Republic Windows scenario. Blago, who is lawful and only has sunshine around him and Dick Durbin who begs for mercy for convicted felon George Ryan. Enter Gutierrez who is looking a tad tarnished over his real estate deals with a campaign contributor.

And, last but not least, our own Joe Moore who is “incensed to learn Republic executives formed a limited liability corporation that has purchased a plant in Iowa, where labor is cheaper.” The TIF subsidy was paid in 2002 and 2003.

Sooo, does that mean we, the people, of Ward 49 have a right to be incensed about TIF dollars going to the restoration of the Howard Theater that didn’t quite happen? How many LLC's do we see floating around in Moore development deals? Maybe these alderpersons should have spent their time freeing up TIF money for the shortfalls in the budget instead of taxing Chicago to death giving small business good reason to run to Iowa. They caved in to da Mayor - again.

These politicians have wasted and manipulated our tax dollars on their little back scratching expeditions. It’s really amusing to see them scramble for the limelight on this one! Unfortunately, we keep voting in the same cast and crew for these dramas don’t we?

The Cast of Illinois politics jump in front of cameras to show they care for the little people. Meanwhile, there will be a protest at B of A headquarters 231 S. LaSalle today at noon by the real people who pay taxes and really have to work to pay their bills.

Blogger note: According to The Bench, the protest is tomorrow, Wednesday, December 10


Toni said...

Note the Blago headline has been updated! Looks like he's taken a little trip to lockup.

Fargo said...

The latest Blobhead news is long overdue.

Thomas MacEntee said...

Employers trying to screw employees out of what is owed them is not new. In October I was laid off along with close to 700 other employees at my law firm - and no, I am not an attorney. Just someone who wiped attorney butt all day.

Just like Republic they won't pay accrued vacation (I am sitting on over 225 hours) or the WARN Act monies as required by law. You'd think that lawyers would know what laws to follow and not to break! At least 300 of us have not found new employment in this economy and are looking forward to Crappy Holidays thanks to Heller Ehrman as well as Bank of America and Citibank who are making decisions not to pay us.