December 8, 2008

QuizNo More

The signage from the mostly empty Gateway Mall just before entering the atrium area.


I followed the steps down and made a left and discovered this.

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The North Coast said...

I don't understand why almost every Quizno's that's opened in Chicago has failed. I liked their sandwiches, and was disappointed to see one after another close- first the one on Broadway in Lakeview, then the one on Sheridan Road in the Village Theater Plaza here in Rogers Park, and now this one. Looks like this franchise is just plain a failure. Are the franchise costs too high? I'd like to hear from former Quizno's operators. There's a story here, I'm convinced.

However, I might mention I personally found this particular Quizno's store to be unfriendly and unaccommodating, and decided I would not be back after the first visit.

Mondo said...

As a Quiznos owner about to shut down my own store, I can tell you that the greedy Quiznos corporation makes it nearly impossible to make any profit at it. IF you make any profit, they put another store nearby so that both stores are barely breaking-even. Then when the economy turns sour, all the stores that were on barely break-even go under. Eventually, they will realize the folly of their ways but many stores will close before they change. They had up to 6500 store 2 years ago and now they are down to approx 4000. That's something in the area of 2000 families intentionally destroyed by Quiznos. go to BlueMauMau's web site if you are really interested in the details.

The North Coast said...

This is terrible. I have heard of many aspiring business owners destroyed by the franchises into which they poured so much money and effort, including largish amounts of borrowed money. Subway used to be a major offender in the "flooding the floor" category, by opening many stores within short distances of each other for Mutual Assured Bankruptcy. How short-sighted is this on the part of the franchise corporation? Do they not know that the word gets out that it is impossible to even scratch a living, let alone really succeed, with one of their franchises?

I am extremely sorry to hear this. A person is financially destroyed, possibly beyond any hope of recovery, for a greedy, short-sighted corporation that clearly is not in it for the long haul, but only wants to rake in as many franchise fees as possible before heading for the exits. They surely have to know that undercutting their franchisees is not the ticket to growth and longevity.

Fargo said...

Very disappointing. While I found the friendly and helpful component of the service to be hit or miss, the sandwiches were always good. I've enjoyed the sandwiches I've had at any Quizno's location. Too bad they have to make such bad decisions so that franchisees can't make it and that customers lose a tasty meal choice. That way we all lose.