December 12, 2008

Our Grade B Movie

With all the connect-the-dots to Blago’s plots, here’s another interesting twist. It takes a certain amount of time and planning to hold a fundraiser. The media has been inundating readers for months on Blago, so one has to wonder ‘what was Chico thinking’? Better yet, how could he find the time from fending off the evils of those Save Our Park, Save Grant Park and Save Our Community Center taxpayers? Not to mention building senior homes in the middle of a park or sprucing up those golf courses.

The mayor has sort of spoken while his club 50 remain silent as little sheep…er lambs. With the exception of Blago’s father-in-law , Ald. Richard Mell, has any alderperson jumped on this train wreck? Will Ald. Jackson be the next one to speak?

One also may wonder how wide this spiderweb really spans. Or would it be more appropriate to state just how damn deep is this hole of corruption? It’s been traced to Rogers Park today, imagine that! Here’s a somewhat Interesting Video on our Political Tree.

There’s a whole lot of political recycling going on. Term limits wouldn’t stop a governor from jumping to another position…as Blago threatened to do.

But it’s a humorous to imagine some of these political creatures blasting the music to drown out a bug; or crawling around looking for the bugs – just like the movies. I wonder if they're all wondering just who is wearing the wire?

Chicago’s grade B movie.

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mcl said...

The question that needs to be asked of Jesse Jackson Jr., is ,"Why did the feds call him on Monday night to inform him that Gov. Blago was going to be arrested early the next morning?" He was apparently the only one 'connected' to this matter who was called and notified and it came after his afternoon meeting with the Blago. Was it to inform him that he would not be named as the new Senator from Illinois on Tuesday, as he was expecting after his meeting with 'Blago?' Inquiring minds want to know....!