December 21, 2008

Me and Dr. Kaz

Yesterday Mom made a phone call about me. A little while later someone called her back and she was telling them my foot was swollen. She also snitched on me that I was a southpaw and the conversation led to my picking on MizAli and our hissy fights. I heard her say ‘OK, he’s not going to like this.’ The next thing I knew she grabbed me, wrapped me in a thick towel and stuffed me in my carry cage.

Yikes it was cold outside. I yelled when that smelly bus roared up. But people on the bus told me how cute I was so it made the ride a little better.

When we walked in I realized where we were. Alan came in the room and weighed me – I’m now a big boy at 8 lbs and 10 ozs. Then Dr. Kaz figured Mom’s theory was right, looks like my paw got swatted by MizAli. I do terrorize her relentlessly. So now I’m taking this pink medicine and getting warm compresses on my infected paw. She told me about New Years Resolutions – I don’t know if I can stop pestering my sister though! I’m going to meditate on my options – being a good boy or making more of those horrid bus rides.

Here’s Dr. Kaz and me! I look like I just got busted! That’s Dr. John T. Kasmersky D.V.M at Broadway Animal Hospital, 6320 N Broadway, 773 262 5445.

GEDC0160 GEDC0159

And here’s Alan and Tess – they’re always so nice to me too.


I'm feeling much better this morning but Mom insisted on giving me more pink stuff. MizAli is on her chair snickering.

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