December 31, 2008

The Longest Story of The Year

24/7’s main story of 2008 began here. The path to transparency began in a public CAPS meeting of all places!

With support from the community, S.O.C.C. (Save Our Community Center), other park councils, neighboring organizations, and SEIU Local 73 - the grand finale to several high energy meetings was this rally to ‘Save Our Community Center.

A week after this rally, the building opened as a public space.

Not only were our council(s) and neighbors heard, our work was also noticed. Just a month before the rally, the Rogers Park Garden Group kicked off their annual Garden Walk at the Nature Garden.

In November, the Nature Garden in Triangle Park was awarded the Mayors Landscape Award.

Many thanks to the neighbors and organizations who volunteered time and plants to create this lovely garden.

And for a pleasant year end surprise, this letter arrived in the mail!


Standing up for what is right has its rewards. This award is for all of you who supported the efforts of S.O.C.C.


loulou said...

Very exciting news. Congrats to all involved, and praise for lots of hard work!

Toni said...

Check Out #6 om Chicago News-Star

RogersParking said...

Well deserved congratulation!