December 7, 2008

If You Have An Opinion

If YOU have an opinion on the recent begging of Senator Dick Durbin to pardon former governor George Ryan, follow the links in John Kass’ column today.

Ryan and his wife have enjoyed a 'prosperous' life - the six Willis children didn't have a chance.

I had wondered when this pardon would surface.


The North Coast said...

I am sickened beyond words at Durbin's plea to pardon Ryan.

Not only did the Willis children not have a chance at a "prosperous" life or any other, but neither did the victims of the 190 convicted murderers whose sentences were commuted in Ryan's last disgraceful action before leaving office.

I live here too said...

He needs to stay in prison.

Toni said...

Here's an anonymous zinger from the Mail Box:

"Yes, I am of the opinion ... George Ryan isn't an idiot and knew he was doing wrong when he sent his peeps out to pad his campaign fund for his gov run. Was he thinking of Lura Lynn and his grandchildren then?

Were George and Lura Lynn thinking of their golden years and their grandkiddies when they accepted Carribbean vacations from a campaign donor?

Was she thinking about her golden years when a state DMV employee passed her note at a function telling her about the commercial driver's license bribes at the sec'y of state facilities? Surely she told George about the note. Did he launch an internal investigation? Did he doing anything to stop it? No.

Boo hoo. My parents and their children had it a million times worse in their final days than these two idiots. So have lots of other older couples who watch a beloved spouse go into a nursing home to die.

The Ryans have six children. Where the *^&# are they? Maybe Lura Lynn can mind travel to the tropical island of denial with George, the way they traveled when he was public servant.

This is payback, George, for killing ERA and the charred remains of six children. Let me know if you run into Jay Johnson and Joe Moore on the island of denial.


The North Coast said...

It's also payback for putting the survivors of the victims of some of this state's most brutal and viscous murders through the ordeal of having to relive the murders of their loved ones, as every single murder conviction and death sentence was reviewed and mostly commuted in George Ryan's twisted attempt to posture as a "humanitarian" in the light of a few wrongful death sentences. In the great majority of the 190 murder convictions reviewed, the perps were overwhelmingly guilty of these crimes, many of which were quite exceptional for their brutality. Some of these murders took place in this neighborhood in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and every one rated the death penalty- which is pretty soft compared to the torture the victims endured at the hands of these criminals.

These murderers were enabled by Ryan to escape the ultimate penalty and live out their lives in the relative comfort of the prison system.

Even if Ryan were to serve the rest of his life in a chain-gang working outside in 20 degree weather and living in a tent eating balogna sandwiches, the payback would not be sufficient for his actions as governor.