December 15, 2008

Holiday Wishes From The Editorial Staff


Mom said I could help (as if she has a choice) and do some cat talking with everyone about being responsible pet parents. Last summer, some nice people noticed me coming to eat at the feral feeding place. I quickly let them know I was a sweet, tame kitten who loved his tummy rubbed. One lady sent an email to cat people and Mom adopted me.

It’s been heaven ever since – except for my step-sister, MizAli but that’s another story.


We are both discarded alley cats who found a home. Now we don’t have to walk too far for a meal, we're safe from cars, bad weather and other enemies. My step-sister still dives under the rug when it thunders! I have lots of snoozing places, and a cat mother who lets me editorialize (and swat at the mouse).

GEDC0153 GEDC0154 GEDC0157

I’ll never forget coming to Mom’s house and meeting her. She picked me up, kissed my handsome cheek and it was a done deal! The rescue people had been calling me different names. Mom couldn’t decide on a name for me. From my charming kitten personality came one recurring phrase, ‘Lover Boy’.

Mom’s made me a nice nest by the computer so I could tell you my story. If any readers plan to get a kitten or puppy for a Christmas gift, please take care of it. Get it spayed or neutered and don’t let it roam the streets. Just like people, we need love and care and will give you much happiness in return. We’ll be your best friend through good and bad times, so please adopt only if you have time and lots of love for us.

In closing, when Mom took me to Dr. Kaz when my foot was sore, he looked in the room and said “He’s gorgeous, (big smile) don’t tell me you got him from an alley too!” So my step-sister MizAli and I wish you a wonderful holiday and please remember my story.

Lover Boy and MizAli


The North Coast said...

Is that ever a rare, beautiful cat! I've been dying to see pix. Look at that unusual coloring and those blue eyes.

Congrats on being adopted by this great animal!

Toni said...

From Lover Boy:

A neighbor sent mom an email with pictures of his cats. I want mom to publish all neighbors cat photos as happy holidays from all of us cool RP Cats.

Thanks for noting how handsome I am!

Fargo said...

It's great to see your beautiful faces.

Beata said...

Excellent post. I would just add that Christmas is not the ideal time for adoption . . . so much extra trouble to get into, among other things. A little before, or especially after, is preferable. But people will do it anyway, so your suggestions are excellent.

Thanks for the pictures! They are both so beautiful!
Are they starting to get along yet?
Is the still getting into everything?

I was just about to ask for an update. Growing a bit has only made Lover Boy even more stunning. Clearly he is thriving!

the kitty delivery lady
so happy this friendly kitty found a good home

Toni said...

Hi Kitty Delivery Lady! I'm a snuggler and a charmer! My aunt who claims to be a dog person was just beside herself when she met me. She actually asked me if I wanted to go home with her but I couldn't leave Mom and MizAli.

I still have that fun little toy you gave me and I bat it all over the house. I love taunting my sister because then we can gallop up and down the hall!

Thanks for saving me and finding my Mom!

Lover Boy