December 2, 2008

Hit The Ground Running

Today was David Sobcyzk’s second day on the job as Police Commander at District 24. Frankly, I was impressed that Sobczyck kept a previously scheduled meeting that was on former Commander Caluris’ calendar. That calendar entry was with the safety committee of the Parks Advisory Councils and Sharon O’Connell, Gale Park supervisor. Though abbreviated to more of an overview of park safety issues, tonight’s meeting was productive and the groundwork was set for a follow-up meeting.

He asked (and answered) questions, made very interesting observations, and stated he’d driven around during daylight to get acquainted with the neighborhood. I sincerely hope that the next community meeting with our new commander can be as productive as our small one tonight.

As the old saying goes, he has hit the ground running.


mcl said...

Time will tell.

RP4Life said...

I think that I have only posted here a couple of times. Thanks for all of the information and pictures. You do our community a great service.

RogersParking said...

It seems important that we all give him the benefit of the doubt, all the support we can provide and anything else we can do to help him succeed.

He's taking over a tough position in a neighborhood that needs a great deal of work.

Toni said...

RP4L - Thank you.

Toni said...

RogersParking - I agree - he impressed me. He made very astute observations and comments, took notes, email addresses, and checked his blackberry calendar to make sure he was available for the next meeting.

He could have easily had a staff member call and cancel the meeting. Instead, he called Sharon, introduced himself, stated he would be there, and he was. Now was all that to impress three council members and one park supervisor?

I don't think so.

mcl said...

I hope your optimistic feeling about the new commander proves right. I would like nothing more than to see daily, consistent, effective police work in our community. I look forward to meeting and working with Commander Sobczyk. If I seem skeptical, it's due to 30+ years of meeting and working with virtually every 24th District Commander who has served. Most have come in with a very promising and positive initial 'presentation' to the residents and community, only to wind up being a disappointment, in terms of follow-thru and promises kept. As I said, "Time will tell."

Toni said...

Well, let's consider what these commanders inherit NOH! A 2 x 6 block social experiment of uncontrolled chaos - a political move gone wrong by Orr and Moore.

A deliberate community of The Haves and Have Nots. Many of the Haves aren't terribly active in the process and many of the Have Nots aren't either. So the end result is a handful of people trying to accomplish change and the rest, with the blessing of the politicians, embrace the status quo.

Joe comes to our CAPS meeting once or twice every 4 years. So he wants to point fingers? The Haves who whine don't come either but they want to point fingers?

If everyone got involved more it might challenge everyone to accomplish more.

AND if these so called 'meet the commander' meetings were properly defined and moderated it would banish the BS. When the dog and pony show retires we'll all be safer.