December 16, 2008

Eastlake Cats

Hi everyone, it's Lover Boy again! Mom finally came in from playing in the snow. I can't believe she'd selfishly come home and start pushing snow around without feeding us first. We had to sit inside in the nice warm house and watch from the window. I suppose humans need to play - but pushing snow can't be as much fun as hiding in a paper bag and jumping at my step-sister.

I refused to purr until she shared the photo of Pretty and John that their dad emailed us.


Thanks for the pictures of your kids!

Your posting made me smile, and that is a rare occurrence in the Illinois blogosphere these days. These are my two hairballs, adopted from Felines near Devon and Clark, our neighborhood shelter. Be careful viewing . . . there are a lot of little faces in this link! Felines Inc.


The brother and sister team are Pretty and John.

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