December 20, 2008


Hello, it’s Lover Boy again. Hope everyone is alright after that snow storm. MizAli and I are getting a little concerned about Mom. She’s gathering all kinds of favorite pet photos to post – including dogs and other creatures. Then she got this framed picture down and showed me a little girl holding a pet chicken! It was Mom when she was maybe 3-4 years old! So I guess I didn’t quite know what I was getting into! But we’re all much more enjoyable to look at than the humans in the news lately!

Anyway, here’s neighbor Craig Gernhardt’s dog Cota (the black dog) with her neighbor sharing a stick. The gray dog belongs to Craigs neighbor, Andy McGhee.


Here’s Craig’s nephew Phil with his pet goat! Craig wrote that Wilber is a video hit. This goat snow-skates and has performed on both of Phil's dvd's. That would be a fun movie to watch don’t you think?


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