December 11, 2008

$5.5 Million for Park District Golf Courses

The golfers of Chicago will love it. Meanwhile, this is a marker of allocations made by our governing bodies.

Is it partly retribution or the budget woes that the Park District did not, or cannot, provide Internet service or a computer for the park facility at 1610 W. Howard? Or do they feel that even though it only took 12 years to get built, while construction costs rose during those 12 years, that their $8 Million is more than enough for this area? It's more than enough if they couldn't vendor it to the BGC with our tax dollars.

People can't sign up online if there's no Internet service! Are they hoping people won't bother if they have to get out in the cold to do it?

Of course, an email blast from Joe supporting the new public park facility would have helped but its more politically savvy to bitch and moan in a public safety meeting about the 'handful' of people who fought privatization of a public space.

Wasn't crime an issue in Rogers Park long before the construction began?

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