November 18, 2008

A Worthwhile Destination

Here's a reminder that today is the third Tuesday of November – and our Parks Advisory Councils monthly meeting.

Our three parks advisory councils - Gale Park, Triangle Park and Harold Washington Playlot - will meet at 7:00 PM at the Gale Community Center, 1610 West Howard.

We've had three exciting program presentations in September and October -

1. Duwayne Pendarvis from Joel Hall Dancers

Mr. Pendarvis, a NOH neighbor is applying for grant funding through CAAP – Community Arts Assistance Program, and NAP – Neighborhood Arts Program, to offer modern, jazz and/or ballet classes from April to December 2009. He has successfully obtained grants and taught dance in the Chicago Park District.
Joel Hall Dancers

2. Donna Werner, of the George S. May Foundation For The Arts

The P.A.U.S.E. Initiative is “A partnership or organizations, businesses, and musicians committed to giving students direct access to music as an aesthetic, and using it as a vehicle towards higher achievement”. Grants are offered and Ms. Werner hopes to partner with local after school programs and Gale Park Community Center to offer this unique program that teaches students to read music, learn to play a musical instrument and perform at various learning intervals. Joint fundraising with the immediate neighborhood and beyond will provide an on-going music program in the Center.


3. Mr. El Kouyate, Master Djembe Drummer of Guinean Folklore and Traditions, original founding member of Muntu West African Dance Theater, Music Instructor and Facilitator for Soul Creations Arts and Education Program in Evanston. Mr. El Kouyate outlined highlights from his handout flyer offering lessons in traditional African song, dance, drumming to benefit the youngsters sense of spirituality and sense of being connected to the earth. His teachings are in harmony with Illinois State Learning Goals.

No website is available for this presenter.

We've created programming/fundraising, community outreach and safety committees -

The groundwork is being laid - please join us and be a part of creating a positive change for our neighborhood.

For tax deductible donations for these programs and other assistance for the Gale Park facility – please contact Eva McCann at or me at or Sister Cecilia Fandel at
for further information.

If you would like to volunteer your time for special projects, please stop in the Gale facility and pick up a volunteer application.

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