November 22, 2008

Will These Two Have Their Job In 2009?

Months after the initial call for service, the dead limbs have finally been removed from the city parkway tree. It is now safe to park under it. At least safe from falling dead branches.

Tree Trimming at last Tree Trimming at last

At first, the cutter called and announced who he was and said he didn’t see any dead limbs. Duh, that’s because all the leaves have fallen – come on up and I’ll show you. From the window I showed him the dead branches without bark that were over the curb and street areas. At last, the point was taken and the sawing began.

As I left for work, the man doing the trimming announced to me that the branch was indeed dead. His partner on the ground hadn’t heard the update on the mayors and alderpersons agreement on the 2009 budget.

I hope the fearless leaders who took their 6% salary increases but expect other city workers to take unpaid furlow understand the full impact of their actions. Among other things….

At least one can see results from some city employees work.

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