November 7, 2008

Whose Fault Is it?

It’s amusing isn’t it? Many voters were terrified of a VP Palin, just a heartbeat away from being president, but the GOP pressed on. Now, the sore loser boys are blaming Tuesdays loss on her. None of their revelations is surprising but their attack mode really shows their nasty side. Do I dare use "bitchy" to describe it?

Another twist from a comment made by an acquaintance – did the GOP use McCain as the fall guy because they already knew a win in 2008 was doomed after the last 8 Bush years?

McCain is 72 – this was his last chance to run for president. Others who dropped out may still have another chance – or so the strategists may think. It looks like they’re crucifying ole Sarah but they’re jamming those nails into their own credibility with each leak!

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