November 21, 2008

Two Winners In The Turkey Shoot

These ladies hold their first and second prizes for winning the women’s final round in the first Turkey Shoot at Gale Park Community Center last night.

First and Second Prize Womens Turkey Shoot, Gale Park

Contestants by age and gender groups had ten hoop shots in two rounds; the highest ranking won a turkey and second highest ranking won a choice of apple or pumpkin pie.

Unfortunately, one lady expressed her anger that everyone who participated didn’t win a turkey. I asked “Well, did you have fun meeting up with your neighbors?” She still insisted that she wasted two hours of her time for nothing. As I told her, ‘hey, I’m just volunteering and I don’t expect to take anything home but the experience of watching everyone having fun’. Sometimes it’s good to give with no expectations of receiving anything in return. It was a contest and how many people win on those lottery tickets they purchase?

Other than this lady, everyone enjoyed shooting hoops, line dancing between rounds and chatting with neighbors.

The rest of the photos will be printed up for Sharon to display in the atrium.

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