November 16, 2008

Toddler Is Whining Again

Poor Toddler

My dad would say, "The lead dog always gets bit in the butt."

It must be lonely at the top – that’s why Toddler has cousins and family friends in his chambers on our dime.

People come to me for jobs all the time,and I tell them not only do I not know about the job you're talking about, I don't want to know.

Here’s Toddler’s new theme song.

At least East Bank Club members must be understanding him.

I would love for people to know Todd Stroger the person, who I really am, rather than how I can be portrayed in the newspaper. I see people at the East Bank Club, and they say to me, "Who is that guy in the papers?"

Government has a tendency to have more employees than work being accomplished. Input versus output. Toddler has enhanced that aspect and we should try to understand.

If we had not passed the sales tax, we probably would see massive layoffs... We'd have to cut another 2,000 jobs -- not vacant positions, all live jobs.

Now does Toddler go for a spa cleansing before or after his visits to the common folk stores?

When I go to the Jewels or Target ... there's a lot of support. Sometimes, people say, "I don't like what's going on in government, but I support you." Also, there's a lot of people who say, "You know what, I got a resume."

Everybody says there's investigations. Nobody knows. You don't know the feds are coming until they knock on the door and tell you to get out, and they're taking records. ."

Perhaps he should apply for a top dog position at AIG - to speed up the investigative process.

”Baby, do you understand me now
Sometimes I feel a little mad
But don't you know that no one alive
Can always be an angel
When things go wrong I seem to be bad
But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood”


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