November 19, 2008

Shoot A Turkey!

When it was still warm weather and Thanksgiving seemed so far away, Sharon O’Connell, Gale Park supervisor, was planning ahead. Sharon’s pulled the neighborhood together to host a Turkey Shoot tomorrow evening at Gale Community Center.


Come out and shoot free throws and win a turkey or pie or just come out and have some fun.

Volunteers are needed to assist the staff – stop in and fill out a special event volunteer form for the evening. For more information call 773-262-5051.


mcl said...

To bad the details and info about this event weren't publicized earlier!

Toni said...

Sharon's been in touch with local organizations about this.

Most Rogers Parkers are not aware that city budget cuts have put a strain on the way 'business is run'.

The office at the Gale Community Center did not come equipped with a computer or internet service. An organization donated a computer but unfortunately it isn't working. To perform the simple task of typing, printing and sending email, Sharon must drive to Warren Park to use a computer.

Neighbors and businesses - would you like to donate a working computer and sponsor or share internet service for the office?

We decided last night to set the third Monday of each month for the Fundraising/Programming committee.

mcl said...

Then, the 'major priority' should be to get the donated computer connected to enable Sharon to do her work timely and effectively.

Toni said...

Mike - The donated computer was connected - it worked for about two weeks, made strange noises and went blank.

It may be a simple fix or it may be the end of time for the machine.

Its probably prudent to start over with a different computer and with Internet access for email.

Again, any donors and sponsors reading? It's still a tax write off.