November 13, 2008

Recipe For The Status Quo Or For Progress?

Who knows how many times squatters have broken into this building? This is the long vacant Broadmoor East on Bosworth. The boarded up window at the far end of the photo clearly shows it’s been partially removed. This quick fix fence addition between the properties is hardly a deterrent.

Extra Security Fence Break and Enter-Squatters Rights

So, neighbors on Bosworth, if you didn’t receive one of these tiny official notifications of a zoning hearing, consider yourself notified. As explained to me by the new owner(s) attorney, the street level was incorrectly zoned for commercial rather than residential. This alleged zoning change is to rectify that age old error.

Zoning Note

Many have contacted this attorney and voiced their opinion on what the neighborhood does NOT want this building turned into. Joe Moore knows what this neighborhood does NOT need but Joe thinks this neighborhood should have more of the same. Some of the NFP’s would prefer more of the same to keep the status quo for Joe and for their income.

Of course, the hearing on November 21 is not the place to voice these opinions because the problems of North of Howard don’t relate to zoning. The problems stem from mismanaged, high concentrations of subsidized buildings in a small area. The problems relate directly to the liberal mindset of the so-called progressives here. Please look up the definition of progressive and decide if this neighborhood fits any of the offerings.

If we were truly progressive, then a new blue light would not be blinking at Howard and Paulina winking at its counterparts at Jonquil and Ashland and Howard and Ashland. If this progressive little area fit the definition, we could have affordable housing without crime. It would require a little intervention from the alderman and he should have time now that the election is over.

All he needs to do is conduct a HUD management seminar, provide a straight forward lesson on how subsidized buildings are to be managed in conjunction with HUD’s rules. He should then have all subsidized owners enter into a binding agreement to uphold the rules before obtaining taxpayers dollars to subsidize their bank accounts. HUD officials should participate and cooperate fully. They're supposed to anyway, but it hasn't been enforced. That action would have more impact on quality of life issues here than banning foie gras.

And for our neighbors on the 7600 block of Marshfield – the police reported a man was robbed at 7628 on his way to buy drugs. No kidding – he told the responding officers that he went to make his drug purchase and the sellers robbed him.

In May, the owner of the pizza joint on Marshfield/Howard was at the CAPS meeting blaming the cops for all the darling youngsters who were hanging out inside and in front of his business. Well, sir, perhaps you should drive by some evening and see your staff outside smoking with the locals leaving the shop unattended. Is that the cops fault?

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