November 1, 2008

Polls and Scare Tactics

Gallup Poll Today

NY Times Tracker

And from the trash folder:

Dear MoveOn member,
Here's some ominous news: In the last week, Obama's lead in the national tracking polls has dropped by almost three points. If it keeps dropping, we could be looking at four years of President McCain and Vice President Palin.
Now, don't panic yet. Obama's still ahead. But if you thought it didn't matter whether you helped the campaign this weekend, think again. The election looks like it'll be very, very close. If folks start thinking that Obama's got this one licked, and he doesn't really need their vote—well, we could be in big trouble.

I will be so glad when this drama is over. No MoveOn, I will not be traveling to a swing state to knock on doors. I’m taking care of business at home, someone has to. Please send the scare tactics to someone else

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