November 5, 2008

Now, Can We Go To Work?

Congratulations to Obama and all those who were chosen by the people. He has an enormous clean-up ahead of him from the messy economy to re-establishing communication and trust with allies and former allies in the world.

I live in a part of the world where the mess needs an enormous clean-up too. My thanks to the neighbors and the police who did not scream and yell or shoot all night. Today is a new day, with new headlines to read. Now can our locals can get home and start following their leaders footsteps? The only difference other than the label ‘Democrat’ is some have been in office for years – their new leader has yet to be sworn in.

Let’s get busy incumbents – do your jobs, clean your wards of blight, slumlords, gangbangers and keep those promises from the election that pushed or shoved you into office.

As for North of Howard, the gambling parlor has been removed from Gale Park….for those who wore the other shoe for the sake of making an argument…here’s proof these can be more than just a friendly gathering.

Can our leaders stop the excusing the behaviors and start working to clean up their wards? People are tired of policing the streets for free, cleaning up anti-social litter for free, tired of cleaning gangbanger graffiti for free...the list is endless. It's time to do some work for that ever-increasing salary we pay.


Bosworth said...

Apparently the message of change has not reached North of Howard yet...Tuesday night after the election, shots were fired in the vicinty of Jonquil Terrace and Ashland....Wednesday night shots were fired in the vicinity of Jonquil Terrace and Bosworth.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Toni said...

And pray tell why is that? Where was our leader yesterday? Praising Obama to the Trib reporters talking about what else -money.

I guess it's up to the taxpayers to invite Obama here to a town hall meeting to talk about parenting, civic pride because all our leader can do is enable the anti-social behavior, and call anyone who complains about job performance an enemy and set about to get revenge.