November 12, 2008

AIG and Chicago City Council

Was this conference really necessary?

AIG’s poolside sitting upper management were at least dressed in suits….
If they indeed told the hotel staff not to mention ‘AIG’ it doesn’t appear transparent. But our leaders in Chicago should understand spending taxpayers money in spite of their demand to sever their AIG relationship.

“The aldermen will also demand that the city sever any relationships with these individuals and their firms, including insurance giant AIG, whose execs authorized a $400,000 spa outing after receiving federal bailout money.
• • The upshot: The city's insurance is handled by AIG or its affiliates including all the major liability policies for O'Hare and Midway airports. The city reportedly pays more than $50 million in premiums annually” Source

Meanwhile, back in Chicago City Council Chambers

“Blind-sided by Daley’s plan to charge their treasured aldermanic menus for the cost of replacing broken alley and street lights, aldermen threatened to delay a vote on the $5.97 billion spending plan.”

Whoa, is the thought process here that if we have well-lit streets there will be justification in not hiring more police? Are they trying to say that crime doesn’t happen under streetlights? The streetlights at the corner of Bosworth/Howard and Jonquil/Paulina haven't deterred any drug dealing or prostitution. It has been reported there were males at the Broadmoor corner openly drinking alcohol yelling at cars and pedestrians 'this area is run by the GD's...better get out of here.' This occurred last week around 6:30 AM.

On the flip side, there’s a code they can pull up to go after bad buildings for not having proper lighting. But why is there no penalty for bad areas in wards with burned out street lights? Why not penalize the wards who don’t clean up their messes? The aldermen want to keep their menu money stash but don’t care if their tax-paying constituents want to keep their savings do they? Some don't seem to give a damn about taxpayers safety on the streets either.

This straw-grasping is amusing and depressing. If the mayor really wanted to CUT back then he would FREEZE those aldermanic pay raises. If anyone whined or rebelled then the mayor should just cut the number of wards in half. That’s a whole lotta money.

Some alderman was on the early morning news Sunday babbling that …all Chicagoans are in this together and need to dig into their pockets. BS, we have so many hands in our pockets…local, state, and federal, we can barely move.