October 10, 2008

Storefront Collapses

This evening around 8:30 the front of the Caribbean American Bakery on Howard Street collapsed, crashing through the protective scaffolding that had recently been erected. A gentleman was at the scene who claimed he told the owner the bricks and terra cotta needed repair and had erected the scaffolding. The business was in the process of getting architectural renderings. Since it will now be considered an emergency, perhaps the City will grant permits a little faster. Now there is one less business on Howard Street.

Caribbean American Bakery collapse Caribbean American Bakery collapse

No injuries were reported. One driver who ignored the police roadblock at Greenview and Howard was removed from his vehicle at Bosworth and Howard and taken to the station.

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North Of Rogers said...

Could the presence of the police and construction crews stem the dealing that goes on in and outside of Sandy's?