October 14, 2008

Outsourcing Our Jobs and Our Debts

Outsourcing, also known as off-shoring, has become a major revenue saver for many large American corporations. There are pros and cons to placing call centers outside the US; most of the pros (for the companies) are alleged cost-savings and the cons are fewer jobs for citizens here. Another frequent drawback is the language barrier that this article skims over ever so lightly.

However, the observances of the call center employees from India are accurate when it comes to Americans living beyond their means. Many have spent so far beyond their means they now want and expect sympathy and special favors. While that should be done on a case by case review by a real professional – individuals need to do their own self-review.

Recently, while waiting my turn for a hair cut, a young boy was being prepared for a trim. Dad put him in the booster seat, the stylist attached the drape and chatted with the little guy to ease the fear. Dad stepped away and returned with a laptop loaded with games to keep his son ‘occupied’ during the trim. Guess what, the little boy was more interested in what was happening in the mirror.

One questions many Americans stopped asking themselves years ago was: “Do I need this or do I want this?” The big gas guzzler was so tempting that Mom and Dad refinanced the home to keep up with the Joneses.

Forget about the Joneses and the Smiths - it wasn't worth it was it?

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