October 27, 2008

Leo The Hero

This is one of those wonderful real stories of our best friends in the animal world.

When I was a child, we had a first-time Mama Kitty who didn't seem to get the maternal instincts package. She left her kittens in a barrel filled with straw - great for cold weather but not on hot summer days. Mandy, a shy mixed-breed dog, took the kittens one by one out of the barrel to the shade of the old oak tree. Not only did she rescue them, but she began lactating and nursed 'her babies'. It was a temporary situtation until we could find a safer home for the babies and get Mama Kitty re-introduced to her babies. Mandy was reluctant to turn over her babies and still kept a protective watch on them.

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The North Coast said...

We need our animals to teach us how to be human. It's a rare human being that comes as close to true goodness as a typical cat or dog does.