October 17, 2008

Howard Street El Rehab

The Howard Street El entrance rehab is progressing – the signs state it will re-open “early 2009” and it will be a welcome event.

Howard Street El Renovation GEDC0089 Howard Street El Renovation Howard Street El Renovation

It’s a PITA getting to the Paulina entrance, waiting for the long traffic light, climbing two sets of escalators then descending a stairway into the crowd that gathers below. It’s a danger zone the way people herd at the bottom of the stairs as if they’re afraid to move further out on the platform. Is it fear or just laziness?

Meanwhile, new pandhandlers are working the new Paulina area. A female was working the night time rush hour last week asking for money claiming her purse was just stolen. It's becoming a little cold for the one gent who sits on the sidewalk leaning against the building near Dunkin' Donuts.

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